Schedule Your Day for Photography

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to arrange the wedding day schedule, so that there is sufficient time to do photographs and at the same time, take advantage of the best light during the day.

A Photographer’s Ideal Schedule
Sunrise / Sunset times can be found here….sunrise/sunset or (

Once you know the sunset time, I recommend that your ceremony starts roughly 3 to 4 hours before sunset, depending on the length of your ceremony.

When should we start taking pictures???
I recommend that we start shooting in the dressing rooms roughly 1-2 hours before the ceremony.

Should you make a list for the family group photos?
Yes. This keeps us from having to try to make it up on the wedding day, I’ve shot hundreds of group photos, so I can make up combinations for you, but it is better to give this job to someone who knows who everyone is.
If you make a list, you won’t have to worry about missing anyone.

How long do group shots take – you can plan on roughly 15 group shots in half an hour.

Magic hour for Creative Portraits!
In the evening, right at dusk, there is a short window of time we photographers call the “magic hour.” This is when the light is the absolute best of the entire day. It takes place about 1 hour before sunset, and 15 or so minutes after sunset.
If it is possible to plan your day around that time, you wont be dippapointed, however we also are influenced alot by the weather and in cloudy weather the best lighting moves about an hour earlier.