Trash the dress/Rock the frock/Extreme Bride

Trash the dress- is the process of photographing the destruction or deconstruction of a brides wedding dress to create a new photographic artwork.  This is normally a sequence of images or simply a single image. The form of destruction should reflect the brides personality as well as have some creative input from the bride. However the bride has to have complete confidence with the creative process as well as the skill and expertise of the photographer to brave such an act of finality.
Brandon Wyness wedding photography Trash the Dress Durban South Africa
Trash the dress is the ultimate freedom of expression for wedding photographers. As a photographer we are continually looking for ways to release our creative passions. Creating the photo concept, finding stunning scenes, lighting the landscape and capturing the bride in a magical pose, combining of all these elements in an image that is a work of art. With TTD we are given a clean canvas on which to go wild the only constraints are the photographers imagination. For the photographer TTD is done days after the wedding, the stress and time constraints of the wedding day are gone and this gives the photographer and the bride and groom some happy, fun, limitless time to create real memories and great images too.

For the bride and Groom this is a type of extreme “sport-art” captured in all its beauty and opulence for the family to frame and memories to exude of their crazy younger days, as they grow old together.

By: Brandon Wyness Photography,